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Vancouver Photographers

Vancouver photographers are very fortunate to have the City of Vancouver as their location. Vancouver offers excellent weather conditions as well as an understanding public when it comes to video/film/photography production compared to other Canadian markets. Vancouver photographers can shoot year-round and their shoots can often be shot indoors or on location with out any real problems. Vancouver is considered the top market in Western Canada for the best photographic talent.

Because of the prevalence of the film industry in Vancouver the experience of make up artists and stylists (food, hair, clothing) is vast. This provides vancouver photographers with an excellent pool to choose from for a specific shoot.

Vancouver Photographer

Vancouver Photographer Curtis Comeau is based in Western Canada and works out of Vancouver BC and Edmonton Alberta. His work crosses as wide array of photographic portfolios including Commercial photography, editorial portraiture, travel photography and portrait commissions.

Curtis speaks at various schools and clubs discussing topics on how to improve photographic works and techniques.

As a professional photographer Curtis has been commissioned to photograph various NHL hockey players, Olympic athletes and people of influence. He has also photographed Indy Car driver Danica Patrick, Hugh Heffner, Terry Clark and other well known faces.

The photographs in Curtis various portfolios can be descried as the following.

Travel Photography

His travel photography includes a wide range of countries. His approach to travel work is candid, using almost always-natural light, with very little Photoshop techniques used to enhance the photos. What you see is what was there.

Commercial Photography

His product work takes simple approach with this strengths resting in photographing the fine and intricate details of the actual product. His commercial portraiture approach is a mosaic of styles from the works of Nigel Parry and Patrick Demarchelier.

Interior Photography

His approach to shooting interiors is to try to understand what the architect was trying to accomplish with the actual interior. He often mixes daylight and tungsten light to create dynamic interiors which give the sense of depth and realism. However he also uses strobes and tungsten to light in specific situations.

Portrait Photography

Portraits are the main stay for Curtis. To explain his work you simply need to browse the portfolio sections.

Editorial Photography

His editorial work ranges of course because various magazines hire him for various work ranging from Architectural to portraits. His cameras include the Canon 1Ds Mk 3 and the Phase One medium format P30+ which offers 31 mega pixel images.